Nigerian dwarf yearling, first freshener, Katya and her two kids, born May 17, 2017, are now available. The price will depend on whether you purchase all three or not.  $600 for all three.

Katya’s mostly white kid is a doe and the mostly brown one is a wether.  Katya’s dam is a good milk producer, registered with ADGA: D1510403.  Katya’s sire is also from a good producing line (belonging to Deborah Niemann, author of Raising Goats Naturally) and ADGA registered: D1811499.

I am not milking Katya as I am allowing her to nurse her kids, however I have milked her a tad just to see how she behaves and she behaves fine on the milk stand.   All three of them are very friendly and enjoy human company, so they would also make wonderful pets.

We have a small herd, comprised of goats either from tested herds or born here.  I have only tested once, not feeling it is necessary to test yearly as I do not show and visitors who have been near sheep/goats are given booties to wear while here.  Our herd has never had any sores.  We feed organically and raise all our animals as naturally as possible.

Coulee Meadow Farm


Katya at four months

Please go to the contact page and get in touch for more information or to arrange a visit.

Shetland and Shetland/Icelandic cross sheep are also available.  Purchase to put on your own pasture, or to butcher.  They have  wonderful fiber and delicious meat. 

If you can butcher a deer, you can easily butcher a sheep.  Your meat will cost you half of what  you'd pay for packaged meat and you will also have the sheepskin to have tanned.  Not to worry, you won't need to transport a live sheep, and if you don't yet know how to butcher, you can learn by watching us when we do it.

$2 a pound, live weight.

Moonbeam is a two-year-old Nigerian dwarf, born April 24, 1015.  Her dam is 4 L’s Hobby Acre Daff’s Dalila, ADGA #D1510403 and her sire is Coulee Meadow Johnny, ADGA # D173608.   She kidded with twin does in 2016, was not bred for 2017.  The price is low because we now have more goats than we have space for.   $250 with papers, $200 without papers.