Hanging out with Carly Simon and her son Buckshot.

Herd matriarch Dalila receives a hug from a young visitor.  Dalila is almost always the first to greet visitors and loves it when company comes to call.

Her brother, Buckskin, gives goat kisses.

Moonbeam is a sweetheart.

The kids born here in April can be seen in a video at http://youtu.be/zzSEuzC8GGw/.

Nap time for the triplets.

The grass IS greener on the other side of the fence.  The sheep know we are about to move them to it and are ready to go. 

Our bucks live in this little house in our back yard.  Their pasture extends out beyond their house. Yes, there is a little fence around the crab apple to prevent them from eating the bark.

This page shares some photos and information about  "goings-on" at our homestead.

Coulee Meadow Farm

Everyone loves Timothy.